Have Joy and Rejoice!

What a *happy* holiday with an uplifting meaning. This year we tried to teach Pearce about the "first" Easter, about our Saviour. Good Friday was a bit somber and sad thinking about Jesus' crucifixion, but what JOY came today on Easter morning celebrating His Resurrection. For HE HAS RISEN!

And look who started walking this week!!! We are so proud of you, Henry!!! 

smoochy smoochy, love them dearly.

and a few snaps from the phone. 

**my mom use to make these eggs baked in ham when we were little. happy little memories living on State Street Drive. 
** The Easter Bunny came!! Pearce was so excited to see the bunny left candy and MLP (My Little Ponies) in her basket, and some new little trucks for Henz. OH - and lollipops, too!! Pearce's favorite!!
**I love all the little hand-outs that Pearce shows us from Primary every Sunday. She has such great, thoughtful teachers. I'm grateful that they could help teach her more about Easter, since I felt like I was struggling with what to tell/teach her. Under the rock in the tomb is a 'slideshow' type of paper that you can see all the Easter Scenes. "I can live forever with the help of Jesus."
**And sugar rushing post church.


enjoying april

this juuuuust might be my new favorite month!! sunshine. new blooms. seeing the color lime green everywhere we go on trees. warmth. a little rain. extra bounce in our steps. and a huge celebration that winter is FINALLY over!!!!! halleluja!

We've spent the past couple weeks.....

1) Tracking down all of the McDonalds happy meal toys - My Little Ponies. And as of this morning, we have them all!! Aren't they precious?!? I seriously love these cute colorful toys. I was the biggest kid of all driving around to every McDonalds in the SLC and Sandy area asking countless employees which ponies they had, and what days they get their new shipments.
(The ponies are in primary. And the big pony is the music teacher. And all the junior primary kids got to come up one by one and sing/lead their favorite song. Sooo cute! :)

2) For the past couple of years we've gone to Thanksgiving Point's Tulip Festival. and I loved it. However, since now I have to pay for kid admission prices at $12 a pop, I said 'no bueno, we can walk around our neighborhood for free.' And ya know what??? Just as pretty of tulips and other Spring flowers. And there's also our favorite local "Shop N' Go" to rest at for a few  moments and get a big cold beverage and lollipops.

Also a little bit of complaining by Pearce that she only likes going "downhill".  I'm with ya girl!

3) Continuing on with some Easter decorations: Abstract easter eggs painting (been experimenting with acrylic paints lately) & painting some fake "no boil" plastic eggs sold at walmart for some quick and easy egg decorating. We used water-color paints that we had on hand, since I'm the cheapest person on planet and didn't want to pay $2 for the egg dying kits.

4) picnicking in backyard, which eventually lead to digging out sprinkler from garage, which eventually lead to making mud puddles then mud spraying and baths. And also, our garden doubles as a sand dirt box. Nice dirt angel, Pearce!

5) Made Almond Buns for General Conference. Henry was diggin these, and snuck upstairs during conference and climbed up counter to take a huge bite from the raw rising buns. After I put them in oven, he stared at them thru the window forever waiting for them to come out. Who knew my boy loved almond pastries as much as do?! yummy marzipan!!

6) We celebrated *8 years* of wedded bliss. :) Did some light gardening & swinging on the front porch. And got excited about new birthday shoes from Grandma!


Preschool Field Trip

One of the preschool co-op teachers arranged the funnest field trip. We met up at 'This is the Place Heritage Park'. Weather was warm and delightful, and I'm glad Henry and I could tag along.

We first got to ride the train around the property and hear the train conductor practice all of her different accents. hahahha

Come on girls! look a little more excited!!! ;-)

 Views from the train ride. 

Next up was visiting/petting the farm animals.

Cute Henz was so excited to be with all the big kids. And also to see all the animals.

He spotted the big OX immediately. He carries around a few books at home that have cow or other animal sounds in them, and always says "mmmmmm" or "mmmmmmooooo". So he was pretty thrilled to see one in person!! :)

tried to get a "class photo" and this is as good as it gets.

This sweet boy also joined his big sis and mama for the activity. 
(And another cow!! SO COOL!!)

the goats! Protective mama goats and baby goats.
They started nibbling on Pearce's frayed jeans, and the strap on the stroller right next to Henz. (Cue me freaking out...with prob lots of "eeew eeeew".) My kids are way cooler/braver than me.

The next "station" was The Gardner Cabin, where some ladies dressed up in their long skirts and bonnets tried their best to keep the kids attention telling stories of the family/kids that once lived in this home. Then it was out to the backyard to practice "chores" like ironing, washing clothes, and tilling garden.

these little bear toys are for practicing the motion for milking a cow, by pulling the 2 strings which make the bears go up.

henry the second child, wandering and discovering without a hovering mom. And little Max hitting the rug to get the dirt out.

And our last stop was the playground!!! 

Can't help but squeeze and kiss this kid all.day.long.


an Easter pinata

Good weekend. Preparation is key. Loved listening to all 4 sessions of conference and eating yummy homemade meals. These almond buns recently featured on Sweet Paul magazine are everything!! Woah yes, and the kids loved them even more than I did (That doesn't happen often.)

Themes that stuck out most to me is "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" and "SELFLESS/KIND SERVICE" and "GRATITUDE". Hopefully my motivation to be a good person last longer than a few days.

Pearce has said some cute stuff lately. Last night she whispered in my ear, "When I'm a mommy, I'm gonna eat a lollipop every day." hahahaha or when she first saw President Monson, our prophet, on tv while watching General Conference, she said "Look! It's Princess Monson!"

Henry is feeling better from last week's 'hand, foot, mouth virus' but still waiting on the rash to completely go away.

Papi sent a big heavy package filled with tons of candy, so we made a Easter pinata to put it to good use!! Pearce was the 'Creative Director' and decided on each colorful layer of tissue fringe. The sweetest lil easter egg pinata I've ever seen! :)

The kids wrote secret messages on the pinata before we started glueing the tissue. (AKA, every name in our family.)

Pearce was SO EXCITED when it was time to fill it up with her candy stash that I've hidden in closet for past week. And helped herself to some if while she worked.

Papi always wraps his packages with an entire roll of tape, so we had bust open the package right in the middle in its weak spot. hahahaha

Henry and his Hershey Kisses. Boy does he love them. Starts shaking as soon as he sees the shiny silvery wrappings.

Hung as an Easter decoration for now, but Pearce says we can't swing at it while hanging in the window cuz it would break it! duh!

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