Ghetto circus

We spent the weekend in San Diego, and i found super duper discounted tickets online for "Circus Vargus" for Saturday night. I thought it would be fun to go to a Circus. But as soon as we got there, I started to realize it wasn't like a real circus. the extremely low-budget looking costumes were a dead giveaway. followed by the first and second acts. (hoola hooping, and trampoline jumping -- all things that normal people could do in their backyard.) right as we were about to bail and cut our losses, the ring master came to Jeremy (and a couple others around us) to get him to be involved in the next act/skit with the clown. I was dieing! because jeremy is really not the type of person to do anything like that AT.ALL.
all i have to say is good thing phones have cameras on them nowadays!! because otherwise this moment would have been short lived.

The clown dressing jeremy in a tight white cardigan, big pink fake glasses, and a big fake bouquet of flowers
jeremy getting ready for his part in the skit
Jeremy performing his act (knocking on a fake door, then opening it)
Jeremy adjusting his glasses (and most likely being completely embarrassed)
not sure what he is doing here--shaking his head? getting ready to pretend shoot someone?
then the clown shot him and he had to pretend fall
Then, Jeremy got to do his most favorite thing in the world--The Chicken Dance, while they set up for the next amazing backyard act.

this actually made it worth it, because i was thoroughly entertained by this. as soon as he got back to his seat, we were totally outa there.

jeremy did say that right before they went into "The Ring" - that the ring master told them, "Just have fun with this. It's all about creating memories for/with your family." so of course the whole weekend we kept saying to each other, "we're making memories". hahahaha

We ended the night by eating awesome Mexican Food in "Old Towne San Diego"- delicious home-made tortillas are the best! and watching some Winter Olympics.


freddie said...

hahahahahahaha thats awesome! was it so low budget that the clown couldnt afford a clown costume

Brooke said...

K that story is hilarious and i'm so glad you have photo proof . . . I can just imagine you laughing the whole time.

Jen Scott said...

I am loving this! I love that you just sat back and took pictures!

Tasha said...

What a good sport! At least Mexican food in Old Towne was part of the deal!

Tommy and Monique Shelby said...

Sounds like you guys had fun in SD! Random that you went to a circus. Where was it? That's hilarious that Jeremy participated :) Hope you guys found some places!

Emily C said...

Mo, it was in Balboa Park - so that's why I thought it would be cool. oh well.

Shannon said...

OH MY GOSH! That seriously just made my day. That is hysterical!!! I can't even deal with the fact that Jeremy was in the circus act. hahahaha!!! I love that so bad. And I am so happy you took pictures!!! :)

Shandra and Christian said...


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