I never in my life would have thought this day would come--the Saints a) in the superbowl b) winning the superbowl... because i remember growing up in new orleans they were called the 'aints. rarely could even make it to a play-off game through a wild card. This entire season has been so fun to watch, and to see a city unite together. It's really amazing.

We pretty much knew the Saints won after this interception in the 4th quarter. GEAUX SAINTS!!!

Still in shock.

We had a good ole time at the Schumann's chowing down on Jeremy's famous Superbowl crab dip and Jen's home-made margherita pizza and breadsticks. Definitely a night to remember for a very long time.


Shannon said...

Hooray!! We were all rooting for the Saints too...in honor of you. Woohoo!! Love the shirts!

freddie said...

WHO DAT?!?!?!

Tasha said...

A night to remember for sure! Shawna Borg sent me the same shirt you two are wearing!

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