Thanksgiving weekend

I mostly shot video this past weekend, which I think captured a little more of the activities than photos could have. Pearce has been a dancing machine lately. Either to the new Taylor Swift album, miscellaneous Christmas music or The Nutcracker. She'll watch YouTube videos of the Nutcracker and try and mimic their dance moves. So, I thought it was appropriate to have Nutcracker music in the background since it will remind me of this time. :-) Just a little collage of snips from here and there... I am very happy that 2 of my siblings could join us, and also each brought a dish or two. And I'm grateful Jeremy is the turkey and rolls man, because that is a big chore to me. It made for a very easy, low-stress Thanksgiving.

Other things not shown in video:
- Freddie carrying around the TV remote in his pocket all Thanksgiving, so that no one would change the channel on his football games. This definitely got Pea a little riled up! Hello, only child syndrome! She'll have to learn quickly very soon. :-)
- Laura's beautiful AND delicious apple pie! You go girl!
- Pearce had some crazy screaming fits for 2.5 days straight. But maybe I shouldn't write that since I don't want to remember it. But thank goodness Laura stayed 2 days with us, and was my angel when I was at my wit's end. Laura gives her the most fun bubble baths, and tells her the best princess stories. And even babysat for us to go see a matinee of Skyfall. 'Thank you Laura' just doesn't cut it.
- Even with Pea's meltdown's it was so nice to have Jeremy home with us for 4 days. It really felt like a long time, and didn't seem to go very fast. I guess that's the up-side of not traveling during the holidays.
- Picking out our Christmas tree at Home Depot. Couldn't agree on a tree. I wanted a "fraser" fir because it's a little more quirky and spaced out branches, but NO SMELL :-( And Jeremy wanted regular noble fir because of wonderful smell, but there were only really bushy ones. No bueno. So onto Costco, but there's are all bundled up. So then to a 2nd Home Depot, and voila! We found a tree that we both agreed on! A noble with perfect smell, that wasn't too bushy. Happy we didn't just settled at the first place.
- We made my sister Jessica's peppermint ice cream to eat while decorating the tree. I'll have to post recipe on my other blog, so good. 


JS said...

So so cute. I have never heard her talk. She is such a little grown up and is quite the character! I love it.

Jessica said...

she does talk so well! i love the part where she says that YOU are thankful for kitties and you say i don't think so. hahahahhaa. classic stuff here! this makes me so wish we lived near each other so we could hang out all the time and the little kiddies could play together. can't wait for christmas!

Lindsay said...

So cute Em! I'm with Jess...your "I don't think so" comment was hilarious! I loved that Pearce put all the ornaments in the same location on the tree and that Freddie busted out some awesome ballet moves! This has made me more motivated to take videos. I fail horribly in that department! Yikes!

Rachwomaninoff said...

I loved this!

allegra said...

I love your videos whenever you post! You all are just TOO cute. When she's doing the grateful leaves "finally got to mommy" and "with coaching got to daddy." hahahaha funniest commentary ever. You're too cute. I love how most of her leaves were cool boy things like "trucks" and "dinosaurs" and only one was a girly thing...she's so well balanced. Watch out boys! and yeah...she is a REALLY good talker. And she actually answers your questions? Ruby has trouble following directions or answering questions sometimes. :) haha. She is such a spunky cute girl. Kinda in love with her.

Shannon said...

I LOVED your video!! I had to watch it twice! :) I can't believe how well Pearce talks! She's getting so grown up. And her dance moves are the bomb. I could watch at least one of these every week hahahaha so cute. Wish we lived closer! xo

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