almost 2 weeks (henry)

Leslie has been taking Pearce on walks in the afternoons. And today Henry was awake, and the sun was shining in through the large living room window, so I snapped a few photos. 

I was telling him that I am so happy that I got him for a WHOLE extra week BEFORE his due date. How lucky we are to have an extra week of his life OUTSIDE of the womb, so I can stare at him, kiss him, hold him, and put my cheeks next to his. 

(tomorrow he is 2 weeks old.)

Pearce all bundled up for her walk with Grandma. And puppies shoved in each pocket.

And just a few more photos that were on the camera from a couple days ago.
I wanted to see his little legs and arms in photos, but he started shivering after 30 seconds, 
so this is all I got. 


Brooke said...

LOVE these pictures . . . he's so adorable. Hopefully you'll share your talents with me when baby girl arrives and take some newborn pics of her. BTW the last two pics I see a glimpse of his daddy. I think it might be the eyebrows and forehead but sorry Jeremy that's all I see because the rest is ALL mama!

Jessica said...

he is just too cute, i can't hardly stand it!!!! :) seriously though. this is making me {almost} want another newborn.

Emily Curfew said...

@brooke- was laughing at your comment about "sorry Jeremy..." :) and of course I can't wait to take pics of your beautiful baby girl to be! Cannot wait. I keep picturing a girl Braylon with long curly brown hair. She will be gorgeous like her mama.

@jess is it crazy that it already makes me want ANOTHER newborn?! He is so sweet I can't believe it. :)

allegra said...

awe he melts me! I am so glad he's a good baby and oh so cute too. glad you got some time alone to snap some pics--they are just perfect! love your photos a ton! and i loved your reasoning about getting more time before the due date. that is so nice cause the newborn phase doesn't last nearly long enough! it's totally not fair how fast they're allowed to grow.

keep the darling pictures coming. when you have time of course:) hahaha

Elise said...

These are sooo sweet! What a adorable, perfect little baby! Henry! Those long skinny newborn arms & legs are my favorite. Until they get chubby, of course.

I feel like he looks like Pearce, but with his own, more boyish look.

Shannon said...

Sweet darling Henry! Love your new pictures! He is so cute and looks so alert. Wish I could kiss his cheeks!

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