Shared Nursery {Pearce + Henry}

And the crib is up! 
And a bunch of other stuff, too! 

I finished the sailboat mobile and scoured the house looking for any accessories to add personal touches, and hopefully a few more boy things.

Jeremy found the crib screws in his tool box in the garage last night. Thank goodness, because I looked in every closet, drawer and cabinet IN the house yesterday. I was so happy to finally get the crib set up last night, with the cute little blue crab sheets (that I've loved for over a year!) and hang the tractor picture right above it. It was like Christmas waking up this morning to go see the room with natural light.

Since the room is pretty tiny, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. But I'm happy that both the crib AND Pea's big-girl-bed fit, AND a dresser, to boot! 

Dear sweet Henry, we are sooooo excited for you to join our family!!!

(warning: way more pictures than you want to see, but I got carried away.... :-)

I sent a picture this morning to my mom to show her the crib with the tractor picture, and I thought her response was so sweet, so I wanted to write it down here to remember. It makes me teary-eyes. :-)
You have NO idea how emotional it is for me to see crib set up for new angel coming from heaven! And then to see his grown up daddy angel on the big tractor makes it SO much more meaningful. "To turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the children to the fathers" is REAL. love you and can't wait to meet that beautiful baby Henry.

I love this picture of Jeremy on the tractor. We have such fond memories of living at Jeremy's parents ranch in Cle Elum while Jeremy finished his graduate degree, and we are so grateful for their hospitality. We loved the change of pace living there and the beauty that surrounded us. In this picture Jeremy was helping his dad move dirt around to get ready for an additional garage on the property. He looked like he was having fun.

I ended up spray painting Pearce's pink lamp with leftover gold paint from the poster frame. I figured no pink lamp in a room for lil Henry. I pulled out some of our favorite board books from last time around, and brought in Jeremy's lil VW bus. (It's a dream of his to own one of those someday -- with the "split window".) I printed some images from the internet and framed them, and had to go find Henry's dinosaur that he got in his stocking from Santa. (It was in Pearce's castle.)

I cleared out the top drawer, and replaced with Henry's 0-6 month jammies/clothes. (I actually did this a little while ago, and I frequently open and take a look. Why are baby/kid clothes so fun?!?!)

I was still able to use the same crib, crib skirt and matching blanket from Pea's days... Nice that it was gender-neutral enough.

Pearce never had a mobile, never really thought about it. But my sis-in-law Brittany made a really cute one for her little boy, and it gave me the idea to make one, too! The idea came to me when I was putting away some of my favorite Christmas ornaments, little wooden sailboats. I'd much rather look at them year-round, so I whipped this together today with sticks and string. (And also help from Jeremy last night who cut the sticks in (almost) matching length, and drilled little holes in the center. Then I glue-gunned them in place, and made little cuts at the end of the sticks to keep the sailboat strings in place, and hung string to the ceiling....well actually the heater vent above. Jeremy, I hope that's okay??

And I changed out the photo of Pearce above her bed with a sailboat picture that I bought at a garage sale during our Cle Elum days. (I figured Pearce has PLENTY of pictures of herself throughout our house already. :-)

I already feel like Henry is the typical second child, with little to no new things especially for him. So last minute I ordered a little stuffed animal for him and it arrived in perfect timing today. A little corduroy lion.

As you can see, they are going to be pretty close ship mates here. 

And a couple pictures from this morning BEFORE I painted pink lamp and Pearce was around.

It's no coincidence that Henry's new toy is a lion. (Pearce has never really gotten over her Lion King obsession.) She's already climbed into the crib to get it, and asked if she could sleep with it. And she also wanted to sleep in the crib, too. And that's why I wanted this crib set up sooner than later for Pearce to get use to all this new stuff going on.


Jessica said...

wow, wow, wow!!!! you have a gift for making rooms (and houses) beautiful! i LOVE everything about this room. and i'm so glad i've been to your house now so i can REALLy picture how everything is set up. seriously -- i love everything about this room. the lion! the tractor picture! the mobile! the gold lamp! that sailboat painting!!! your dresser top tableau! so, so, so perfect. i can't wait for baby henry to be here. i so wish i could come and cuddle with him. :) love you lots and lots and MISS you! (all of you!!!)

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness I love every last detail!! What a special, beautiful place to bring your newest little bundle home to. Looks like P is excited too! :)

allegra said...

Ah this room is to DIE for. Max has a little airplane mobile in his room right now and he loves it! I love the sailboats even more though! You're so creative to whip that up and make it look so good! You've defintely got the creative eye. I love how simple the room is. And bright. Seriously less is more and it's just perfect in every way. Love the gold lamp too! And seeing those baby clothes all folded in the dresser?! Yum it makes me so baby hungry! That seriously is the best... bathing and dressing babies and then smelling them. It's the best part of having a baby! Everything is perfect Emily. What a sweet note your mom wrote about the painting. I love that you put up pictures that have meaning. too sweet.

allegra said...

I mean what a sweet note your mom wrote about the picture, not painting... :)

Lindsay said...

Em...you know I live for posts like this one! ;-) I adore this room. Allegra put it perfectly when she said "less is more." There is no clutter (love that) and every detail stands out even more with such a calming and clean palette. I love that you made that mobile. It looks like you ordered it from an expensive company. I think adding a sailboat painting above Pearce's bed was genius. It connects the two sides together so perfectly. I'm also glad you have discovered the wonderful world of spray paint! ;-) Seriously, how come I never thought of spray painting decor until just a couple of years ago?!?! It's fantastic! I never knew Jeremy would love to buy a VW van! That cracks me up...I would be so entertained seeing you driving it around town! ;-) You should totally submit these photos to a design blog. It would be debuted for sure! ;-) Super adorable! Love ya!

Sarah said...

I love it I love it I love it! SO simple but so cute and cool. I just got a mobile for Molly's crib to help her transition to sleeping in it from her swing. SHe loves having something to stare at, so good call on making one for Henry. Can't wait to see Henry, and especially Pearce playing with him.

steph wilkins said...

What a sweet note from your mom Emily. I love her...and this adorable room. Your design style is amazing. I so wish u could just design my whole house:). Can't wait to see the final addition, sweet baby Henry!!!

mama said...

Beautiful...too bad it won't stay that way! hahaha

those pictures of Pearce reminded me of http://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-blog/carry-on/2010/6/30/party-like-eloise-at-the-plaza

bbcurfew said...

You are such a talent. Makes me emotional just looking at these photos. Such a special time. Good job with the mobile- it's truly perfection. You've inspired me to take better photos of Drake's nursery. Love seeing all the precious clothes waiting to be filled with his little body. I guess it's just having had Drake, but I wanna cry when I think about how much I already love Henry. Can't wait for a new buddy. I think D & H are going to be great friends growing up, just like their dads.
<3 <3 <3
PS- The are going to be onesie twinners with the evergreen tees!

Dina @ Honey & Fitz said...

I came across your blog while searching for examples of Farrow + Balls Cabbage White and I'm so happy I did. I think our boys are almost the same age. Mine was born 12/29/12. Either way congrats. This room is adorable ... And is it Cabbage White?

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