Me and my little loves

quiet house a the moment.
my mom took pearce for a half day trip to provo
to see freddie and laura and byu.
i'm sure she's loving it.
she's a go-go girl just like me. 
it's hard for me to stay at home all day and not go anywhere.
but i know i still need to lay low -- to fully recover from c-section,
and also to keep all those germs away from my precious newborn.

so... i got to have henry all to myself this morning. 
what a treat. we played and we danced to "Mardi Gras Mambo" on repeat a few times,
along with some other favorite Mardi Gras songs.
and then i rocked him extra long after he fell asleep and just listened to him breathe.

my mom took a few photos of us yesterday morning, and i think they're pretty cute.
especially this one with peek-a-boo-pearce:

Happy Mardi Gras! We are having a big ol' pot of gumbo tonight!


Jill said...

They are both adorable! How are you feeling?

Jessica said...

peak a boo pearce! hahahahaha. loved that one. and i especially love the one that you just changed your facebook picture to. these are all such great pictures. and you look so good!

Shannon said...

I've been thinking of you today, being Mardi Gras and all. :)

What cute pictures! You all look so good. Love the peekaboo hahahaha so funny.

Henry is so preciously sweet. I just adore his little face. He's changing and growing...makes me sad I can't be there. :(

Enjoy your gumbo!! I wondered if that was on the menu for tonight! :)

allegra said...

you look darling for just having a baby! with nails painted and all! some days are SO hard with the adjustment, but I knew you'd rock it with two! You're amazing and I love these sweet pics of you and your littles. There are some really cute ones in here. Definitely framers on the wall types!

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