crawfish boil: rain or shine!

I may or may not have rubbed a lil crawfish on his binky. ;)
(Just kidding, it was really spicy, I wouldn't do it on purpose.)

We went down to Payson, UT again for the annual crawfish boil. Somehow Jeremy always misses out. There's no way I could have done this without the help of Freddie and Laura. I really hate to brag, but I have the BEST little brothers and sisters. Pearce wanted to stay with Laura and have a sleepover at her house. If I would have known Laura was cool with that, I would have for sure packed her an overnight bag.

It started raining right when we got to Boudreaux's Bistro. I figured since all day was overcast and kinda stormy. This is the first crawfish boil I've ever been to with weather in the 50s. That is definitely not possible in Louisiana during crawfish season. The rain didn't stop us. We were front and center.

It was FREEZING while waiting to eat. Freddie was keeping Pearcie-pie warm with the extra carseat cover attachment.

We warmed up quickly after steaming hot crawfish was poured on table.

Pearce loved the crawfish last year. But this year's batch was pretty darn spicy. She kept eating it, but then would complain her mouth was burning and her fingers. So I'd say "stop eating it!" And just eat the potatoes dipped in ranch sauce, and some crackers from my diaper bag. But Freddie kept sneaking her more. (Yes, I saw you freddie!! hahahaha) 


bbcurfew said...

Did I ever tell you that going to a crawfish boil with you is on my bucket list? Let's make it happen girl!!

Shannon said...

You always make the crawfish bowl look so fun!! I love these pictures and the kids' expressions! It makes me want to go even though I don't like spicy food. Even if I didn't eat it would still be fun to watch! Hooray for your brother and sister for helping you with the kids!

allegra said...

Pearce's faces are TOO FUNNY!! I love that kid! She is a total crack up! And Henry is so darling! Girl, I love the southern that runs through your veins. I have never tried crawfish! I think I'm missing out. Is this something you think they would eat in SC too? I better get used to eating them! You're SO lucky to live by siblings! I am totally jealous. It is such a nice thing to have them close by. Good for the kids, too, to know their aunts and uncles and develop relationships with them.

p.s. I think your highlights look really pretty! Not orange at all. but I got that purple shampoo at Sally Beauty Supply...it's called "shimmer lights" or something like that.

Jessica said...

ahahahaha -- that first picture of henry is PRICELESS!!!! definitely a framer. i haven't had crawfish in i don't even know how long. so fun that y'all got to go!

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