temple square with whitmans

easy-breezy, fun, carefree, felt like a vacation, kinda day!! one of my favorites! la, la, love you sare-bear. and your sweet "girlie bugs" as pearce keeps referring to them.

and happy freddie and laura were with us too! they always take over baby-duty. :)

hello gorgeous hydrandeas!!!!!!! I've never noticed these before!!!!!!
the girls had waaaaaay too much fun in the ponds or waterways, or what are these things called? and is it not appropriate to put your hands and feet in?? Pearce walked around with wet sandals and shorts the rest of the day.
 cousin heaven :)
 love these cousin pics. :)
Jess, woulda been EVEN BETTER with your 5 to double up the picture.

Sarah and Andrew were married here at the Salt Lake City Temple 6 years ago, and it was their anniversary during their visit! I still remember that overcast, slightly drizzly summer day. And especially Sarah's gorgeous dress! (that was soooooo fun dress shopping with you.) I pulled up my blog post of her wedding to reminisce.

Oh siblings. I've been so lucky to live by Freddie and Laura the past year and a half. Not taking it for granted at all since I don't know how long our Utah days will be. And Freddie, you're pretty darn lucky to have so many sisters!! hahahaha Wish Jessica, Amy and Jacob were in this pic too.

And I had a few pictures of the girls painting. They did this for a very long time. And I kept seeing Penelope sneak into my art drawer to grab paper after paper. She is quite the artist. The girls all painted a butterfly for cousin Jane, and I just mailed that off today Jess, so sorry it might be late!! :-)

it was fun seeing how they all painted very different things for "freestyle". Eleanor drew pictures of people, Penelope did very colorful dots, and Pearce must see that I always paint an entire picture including a background, because I noticed that is the method she used here. No white space left!
love these sweet little girls.
And Henz and Molls weren't missing out on any of the fun! 


Sarah said...

Looooove all these pictures! And especially all the memories we made! Such a fun time, I'm glad I just kept going and didn't just sit around at your house like I felt like doing ;)

BTW you really are good at capturing special moments :)

Shannon said...

Oh my goodness - such cute pictures of all of your sibs together and the cousins together and the girls painting, and babies! You take the best pictures!

How fun to get to visit with everyone - it looks like you had such a great time!

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