This girl surprises me sometimes. Lately, when I'm least expecting it, Pearce takes sweet care of her little brother. Like this morning. I made a bottle and it was sitting there while I finishing up something in the kitchen. And Pearce grabbed the bottle and started feeding Henry because "he was sad and hungry and tired." I just had to grab the camera fast and take a picture.

She has been saying lately that she really likes having a little brother. (But also states that she wants another baby that's a girl.)

She begs to feed him baby food at the table every time. And was very bummed when she was "grounded" for one feeding. (because she would shove the spoon down his throat and leave it there.)

The other morning she mixed up some words and said "my cute-heart." And whenever she mixes something up (like call me daddy, or vice versa) she'll always gasp and grab her mouth and say "that's not right". when she mixed up these words, I told thats the cutest thing ever!

Henry is still rocking back and forth on all fours (but not yet crawling), and pearce said to him "Henry-boy, you're like a mommy rocking back and forth."


Shannon said...

That's the cutest! I'm glad they're the best of friends. Pretty soon Henry will be crawling all over the place! :)

mama said...

Yep, they'll be best friends for sure. She reminds me of that book "Julius, the Baby of the World"...remember that? They sure are cuties!

allegra said...

My cute heart. That is the SWEETEST!!! So glad she's such a sweet older sis. Metls me.

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