A colorful Thanksgiving table and the rest of November

The caramel brownies and pies are baked.
I actually cleaned/mopped/vacuumed the day before the big day.
And did a quick test run of setting the table.

Now if the kids would let us sleep the night... THAT would be truly remarkable. :)

I'm a huge fan of furbish studio, and when they posted pics of their Thanksgiving table set up, I for the first time ever wanted to create/set up my own. I loved the bright cheery colors, along side white and grey. I picked out some upholstery fabric from Ikea and hemmed it to make a quick, easy, and cheap table cloth. And one of the things I was most excited to do was to make lavender colored tie-dye napkins like these. It turned out great, then I machine washed them on warm, and they all bled through to an almost solid purple color. :( oh well. I should have followed the instructions to wash in cold water.

And the rest of our November with candids from the phone.

//bday dinner and walk around temple square // painting turkey hands on leftover halloween pumpkins //a trip to  childrens' museum with lindz and brookie //enjoying the last of the sunny warm days //pea had cool preschool field trip to Home Depot and they made birdhouses //ikea //park //scheels shooting and bowling //ridin in the back of jeep //my tie dye napkins before I ruined them


Shannon Sorensen said...

I LOVE your Thanksgiving table!! It could be in a magazine itself!

Your napkins are so pretty! I'd love to see a play by play of how you made them. I even love how they turned out after you washed them. So pretty! And your dishes are cool - where did you get those bowls?

Love the table cloth, vase, pumpkins and flowers. Pretty much
everything! :)

The collage at the bottom is the best! You do so many fun things with the kids. I love their smiling faces and seeing what you're up to every day. Makes me miss you all and wish so much we were closer. :(

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Whatever you do, have a happy one!

Jessica said...

stunning pictures! and the flowers are gorgeous!! wish we could all be together for turkey day. looks like you've had a busy and fun november. :)

allegra said...

I read this yesterday and got distracted before I could comment... K, I actually LOVE how your napkins turned out after you washed them better!! I love that you can tell they're still tye dyed, but not as contrast-y as before. LOVE love the thanksgiving table! It turned out dang cute!!!! So different and fun. I love the way you mix different texures and colors and styles together. Love the candids of Pea bowling. I think Rubes might have that same plaid skirt? Crewcuts from last year? Great minds! And I so love all the pics of Henry, especially that last shot of him looking at pearce's toy in the shopping cart. Ya can tell how inquisitive and smart he is!!! So glad you had a great Thanksgiving.

allegra said...

ps your flower arranging skills rock. They're arranged just lovely. What don't you rock at? Love your talented little self.

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