December happenings...

  • My fun little crafty girl strung some paper ornaments to hang in her bedroom. As of last night, they are officially all on the ground after a few weeks of playing jump on the bed and grab them.
  • We saw real live reindeer at Thanksgiving Point after J's cousins wedding. This was the first sign of Christmas!
  • Printed out some Christmas past photos. so fun to take trips down memory lane.
  • Framed good ole santa poster from last year, and added tartan plaid wrapping paper to use as a "mat".
  • Pulling out the big ole Christmas bin, the kids are still fascinated by all of the ornaments. They have been this months's "toy". Pearce likes to play "nutcrackers" and designates which ones we should pretend are girls. 
  • Adventurous Henz. Loves diving head first from everything: sofas, beds, stairs, playgrounds, you name it.
  • Sweet Henz when sometimes he actually sleeps good! 
  • Pearce always saying she's "hungry and thirsty" before every bedtime.

  • The magic of your first lighted Christmas tree.
  • Pearce getting excited everytime we get a new Christmas card from friends and family. We glue gun ribbons to the top and she hangs it on a branch.
  • Christmas baking for neighbors!
  • Pearce's reaction to our ward's Breakfast with Santa party. Hey, saves us a trip and $$ to go to the "professional ones".
  • Auntie Laura decorated a gingerbread house with Pearce while I was in New Orleans.
  • A mini tree in the kids' room that Pearce decorated all by herself. Henry still lovin' on Christmas trees. I'll ask him "Henry, where's the Christmas tree?" And he'll light up and point to tree. 

  • Henry and I took a little trip down to New Orleans, so I could tour the Garden District Holiday Homes. GORGEOUS!! It's been several years since I've been able to go, and I absolutely love it!!
  • We went on walks every morning and I just soaked it all in. The smells, the sounds, the beautiful architecture, the accents, all the greenery.
  • My mom had to work both Thursday and Friday. (Since she's taken off so much time off for all of Jacob's doctor appointments over the past couple months.) So we went to visit her in her classroom and I loved seeing it in person. It's also the same building I went to for Middle School (although a different school, now.)
  • Henry eyeing uncle Jacob's "Caniac" plate. I joke all the time that Henry eats like a teenage boy so he was getting some serious pointers. hahahaha
  • We tagged along for one of Jacob's doctor appointments since I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. My mom, Henry and I were in the waiting room for a good hour and half. My little bro got a really bad concussion during a High School football game in October, and had temporary amnesia, and has been on "brain rest" for some time. He is slowly getting better, and has slowly gotten back to school/classes. Still praying for a full recovery. Love that sweet baby brother of mine. 
  • I met up with my good buddy from middle and high school, Brittny. She was one of the few from high school that was just as nutty as I am. hahahaha We met up at our favorite spot, Camellia Grill and my back tooth cracked off during my first bite. darn! 

  • Pearce loves playing tea party. One of her favorite things to "play". She had been finding fabric scraps from my sewing drawers downstairs to make for her table cloths, so I sewed some trim on recently to make it a little more "finished". I also am surprising her for Christmas with a few more tablecloths and napkins that I sewed from other large fabric scraps I had. 
  • Loved when she invited Henry to the tea party and served him and catered to him. He loves playing with her whenever he can.
  • I thought these gingerbread men decorations on front doors were SO ADORABLE from my morning walks in NOLA, that I used it for inspiration for my preschool craft this week.

Preschool girls painting their "gingerbread girls". I added ginger, cinnamon and some allspice to the brown paint so that it was scented. 
 Henry loves watching the kids. And I painted a gingerbread boy to go with Pearce's girl. She says it's the mommy and the daddy. And now wants to make little Pearce and Henry gingerbread kids.

Henry turned 11 months on Wednesday, and I tried to take some pics of him yesterday. The new fresh snow from the storm was so pretty, that I thought it would be a great idea, until I thought twice, and remembered the kid would have to SIT in the snow. Standing and walking would have come in handy. Hence 2 photos before he started crying cuz he was sitting in freezing snow.

Pea helped me this morn brush/scrape a foot of fresh snow of my car. But look at all this pretty snow!! we haven't played in snow at all this year yet, its been way too cold. But it's warmed up to the 30s now, so maybe this weekend...
And our big outing today, and I do mean big, since it's a big deal these days to get out of the house, was going to the Grand America Hotel downtown to see their Christmas window displays and get a treat. Always a good and LOUD time with the Hoskin girls. :)


mama said...

The tea party was my favorite!!! Just SO adorable. Beautiful pictures. Sure do miss yall. Hugs to the kiddies.

Also, the snow scenes are gorgeous. I

Shannon Sorensen said...

Yay! I've totally missed seeing your posts!! I LOVE all your pictures! Henry's smile is the sweeeetest!! He lights up the room.

Loved P's tea party and having Henz as her guest. :) They are so sweet together. I love Pearce's spunky little personality! I'd love to hang out with her - she'd keep me laughing!

Great idea for the spiced gingerbread paint!! Such a cute project!

Wish I could reach in and give your kids a squeeze! Love them so!

P.S. Sorry to hear about your brother's health problems. I didn't know that happened to him. Hope for a full and speedy recovery!!

allegra said...

He looks SO proud as punch to be sitting at the tea party table with his sis!!!! too cute and way adorable that Pea loves the scraps and fabrics so much- you're so cute to make her some for xmas. She'll love them! Love that Handsome Henz in the snow. They're darling pics and he's so cute. I think that's the only pic I've seen of him crying before!! He's usually such a happy kid. Love all these little candids of your December fun! You're so good at capturing the little moments. Hope you have the best Chrsitmas! Love that framed big pic of Santa. So classic and cute!!!

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