decorating the tree!

I've been a big ball of sleep deprived crazy the past couple months. Just couldn't catch a break, one thing after another. Henry & Pea were sick, then, lingering coughs for a couple weeks, then teething, than both kids had stomach flu while J was out of town for a week, then when J got home, bless his heart he cleaned all the bathrooms from said stomach flu, since I was exhausted from being up all night for way too long. Then boom...the next day he got the flu. It was awful. He was in bed for a few days with fever and chills, and Henry was still going strong in his bad sleeping habits waking almost every hour. Through it all, I was just getting SO negative, yet feeling SO guilty because it was Thanksgiving time and what I should have been doing was counting every single one of my many gracious blessings.

So I picked myself back up.  Thanks to a considerate and patient husband as well as thoughtful and loving friends and family. And I am taking each day to marvel in the goodness that surrounds me and feel of Christ's love during this wonderful Christmas season.

And yesterday was a great day. (Henz is doing pretty good on day 3 of sleep training.) My children are a joy and fun. Pearce was giddy with excitement ALL DAY LONG! I brought the big bin of Christmas ornaments and decorations upstairs and she played with stuff in there saying how she couldn't wait to decorate the tree! (we were saving it for FHE) I LOVE how much she loves "decorating". I always loved all of my mom's decorations growing up, so it's fun to be able to pass that passion down to MY daughter. Fun Fun day and night.

And looks like we ALL like nutcrackers. Since Pearce said these were her faves.

Aren't Christmas trees great? To me they hold years of memories. I'll never forget our first meager newlywed Christmas with a tiny tree and picking out a box of small silver ball ornaments at Walmart. I love the ornaments we've collected through the years while traveling "home" to New Orleans and Seattle. I'll always cherish the boxes of vintage colorful ornaments that some of the ladies in our Cle Elum ward gave me after I helped them set up the branch Christmas party. Or all the ornaments I picked up after last years big day after christmas sale hugely pregnant with Henry. A tree full of memories, in deed.


Shannon Sorensen said...

I'm so sorry to hear how sleep deprived you've been! Ugh!! Glad things are starting to look up! Hopefully you'll have some catch-up time in New Orleans!

The tree looks beautiful!! I remember being so excited as a kid to decorate the tree too. Fun memories! We have collected ornaments from most of the little trips we've taken and it's always fun to go back through them and see them on the tree.

allegra said...

Sleep deprivation is SO hard...isn't that enough without having to all get the sickies?!? I'm so sorry! Sometimes when it rains it pours. Hoping December ROCKS for you!!!! I LOVE all the vintage ornaments! So so beautiful. I picked out a tree yesterday while Max was at school and Dan was at work, cause we didn't get to it over the weekend. I was kinda rushed and picked out a crooked one, and it would not stand up straight in the stand and kept tipping over hahahah. So Dan was getting so frustrated with me last night and the horrible tree I picked out, lol. It's also a "south carolina" tree which is different from the Seattle looking trees we always pick out. But I kinda like it. It's a little charly brown-ish and.... odd looking, haha. Anyway I'm obsessed with those nutcraker ornaments! They are SO cute!!! And your mantle always looks gorgeous. I kinda want to return my nutcrackers for those cute tall ones. They're beautiful and make such a statement! Your house is always so warm and beautiful Em. Happy Holidays!

Emily Curfew said...

legs, you are smart to go pick out tree by yourself!! hahaha i tried to pull that little # over the weekend and J said no way could i pick one out one my own cuz i always lean toward the odd charlie brown ones too - we do major compromising every year. sooo...i CANNOT wait to see your lil beauty!!!

Brittany Curfew said...

Dang, I get you on the sleep deprivation thing. By far, the hardest part of motherhood for me. It's legit.
Your house look so magical. I want to come sit on the couch and stare at your tree.
Seriously, Pea's faces absolutely kill me. I belly laugh every time I see the ones where she's super concerned with Henz. Love those kiddos.

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