Snow day!

We kicked off Jeremy's first day of winter break lazily. 
Barely left the house, and finally got some play time in the snow.

waving to da-da outside shoveling snow. 
 pointing to "tree". 

  Pearce was having all the fun in the snow, so I went downstairs and dug up Pea's old snow clothes, so that Henry and I could go play. Sorry they're pink Henz. :-/

Nice, Pearce! Couldn't resist throwing a snow ball at his face as soon as I got him situated standing next to chair.

and Thanks Laura, for the adorable wreathe! 
one more of Henz :)


allegra said...

Whoa these are like the most artsy pics ever. Love that first one...how you can see the indoors and outdoors both-- the reflections are way cool!!! And Henz rocks the pink!! Real men can wear pink:) I laughed so hard at the snowball in Henry's face... poor boy. It's good she's toughening him up. He he. Snow pics are so pretty. SO beautiful. Makes me miss the snow so much! We had a heat wave come in and it was 85 degrees today!!?!? You'd think we'd all go to the beach after church, but Nah...we just "relaxed" at home. Bo-ring!! Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!

allegra said...

Oh and fifth picture down...that's my fav. CAn't even pinpoint why, it's just SO cute, how it's shot through the window, and she's kinda on one foot balancing. It's just so cute.

Shannon Sorensen said...

I could have sworn I left a comment. I guess I just did it in my head! hahahaha I love all these cute snow pictures! Henry rocked those pink snow pants! :) hahahaha love him!! Dang, that snow in the face picture looked painful! P just wanted to start a little snow ball fight! :)

P looks like she's having a ball. I can't believe how much snow you have! Wish we had some here! So fun!!!

Makes me wish so much we lived closer so I could spend time with you, J and the kids...miss you guys!!

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